Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Meat Without Drugs Campaign

Please support the Meat Without Drugs campaign by signing this petition to encourage Trader Joe's to only source meat raised without the use of antibiotics. Food, Inc. director Robert Kenner produced this short video about the cause.

Here are highlights from the video about antibiotics:
  • Were introduced in 1944 to treat diseases, such as tuberculosis, salmonella, and pneumonia.
  • Are intended to be used sparingly to maintain their effectiveness.
  • Currently 80% of all antibiotics are fed to factory farm animals.
  • Make animals grow faster and enable them to survive unhealthy living conditions.
  • Overuse is creating antibiotic super bugs, which contaminate soil, water, and the food we eat.
  • Support meat without drugs by signing the petition at
Vote with your dollars by purchasing meat raised without the use of antibiotics.